Païz Saffron saffraan review van

Robbin de Haan

Païz Saffron supplies the best quality saffron! Delicious for tea and Paella. And it really feels like a gift when you open the saffron package!

Païz Saffron saffraan review

Jan-Willem Peters

I know one of the owners personally and she has a real passion for saffron. Without her I would probably never have come into contact with this beautiful product. Highly recommended!

Païz Saffron saffraan review van

Glenn van Vliet

I came into contact with saffron tea through Païz Saffron and I like this very much. I received friendly advice about the saffron. The quality of the saffron is very good and the people at Païz Saffron themselves are also very friendly and are happy to lend a helping hand. Definitely recommended.

Païz Saffron saffraan review

Lauren Thielman

Saffron is an addition to your dish! It has a unique taste that cannot be compared to any other spice. I myself use it to make Paella.


Usually I don't write reviews, but now I do! Very nice quality saffron. Good delivery. I ordered it to help with SSRI-reduce and as an antioxidant. We drink it as herbal tea in the morning and in the evening, which is nice too!

Païz Saffron saffraan review van

Ricardo Kleijn

Thanks to Païz Saffron I came into contact with the taste, aroma and color of saffron. Tasting various Persian dishes has made me curious to add saffron to my dishes myself. I now use it as an ingredient in my risotto. I'm looking forward to work with other recipes.

Hamidzadeh Family

We use saffron very often, but this was the best saffron we have had so far. When we opened the package, we could smell the saffron very well, the taste is also very good. We wanted to order the 3 grams, but when we saw the price of the 5 grams, we ordered the 5 grams. The jar is also nice to have in your kitchen! The packaging is made in such a way that you can also give it as a present to others. We immediately told others about the price-quality of this saffron!

Judith Pijnacker

After having used saffron from another webshop before, an acquaintance pointed me to PAÏZ Saffron. After I looked at the website, I decided to order saffron from here. When unpacking, I saw a sturdy, beautiful and well-designed box that invited me to explore further. When I opened the box, I saw an elegantly designed bottle that adds to the magic. In this bottle I saw countless beautiful red threads of Saffron. The saffron tastes delicious and meets all expectations! I'm looking forward to my next order to experience this magical adventure!

Jessica Reynders

Very satisfied! The saffron has really good quality. It tastes delicious and gives off a beautiful full color. Super nice service in addition! This is where I will get my saffron from now on.


The color, smell and taste of Païz, all indulgence for your senses. My husband is of Persian descent where saffron is often used in the kitchen, so I have experienced saffron often and in several ways. But we are both particularly impressed with the quality at Païz, so we will definitely order again.